"We’re not only providing the system, we’re providing the atmosphere"
Atelier is one of the Hong Kong leading providers of Home Automation Solutions Company. Over the years of experience and implementation of whole-in-one home automation solution, we impressed our customer with our system consultant, engineering expertise, outstanding fieldwork team and excellent customer service officers.
We custom made every detail for each customer and their house. With hundreds of best-in-class manufacturers for the cost effectiveness, the best system consultant for the project design and meeting customer's needs, the excellent fieldwork team for monitoring the project progress and giving out full technical support.
A Deluxe Home Living Style Within Your Finger Tip Control.
Today’s home automation systems let you manage your home…whether you’re actually at home or not! This means you can turn alarms on or off from your smartphone, or control multiple audio and video devices with one button. If you want something less hands-on, you can easily set timers to turn lights on or off, turn the temperature up or down…or virtually anything else you can think of. For instance – imagine arriving home every evening to complete comfort. The thermostat has already been adjusted to complement the cool night temperatures perfectly. You sit down and touch one button on an advanced remote that turns on your TV, activates your favorite channel and launches your most used background music preset on your stereo system. Truly automated. Truly amazing.
In addition, Home automation can pay off, literally, in terms of efficiency and energy savings. An intelligent thermostat can not only be set remotely, but can operate on week-long cycles to provide customized efficiency to fit your lifestyle. Throttle your HVAC system down when on vacation, and have it return to your preferred temperature on the day you return. Your house now works with you to manage itself for optimal efficiency. There’s no clearer-cut benefit to home automation.
One Touch, Multiple Scenes, Numerous Possibilities.
Lighting is one of the biggest opportunities for homeowners to subtly but effectively influence the ambiance of your home, whether for your own comfort and convenience or to set the mood for your guests. When skillfully applied, lighting can elicit a wide range of emotional responses, helping to make a party more cheerful or a romantic dinner more intimate.
Atelier whole-in-one system provides all the necessary features of what Smart Home Control needed. Users are able to control most home electrical devices at home or remotely with our user-friendly system.
Key Features of Home Automation System
- Lighting and Dimming Control
- Audiovisual Control
- Air-Conditional Control
- Curtain and Blind Control
Quality Never Compromised.
From our very first conversation, we will listen, embrace your goals and work with you to achieve the vision you have for your project. Our system consultant team will discuss and analyze all the technical and logistical factors and design the unique system just for you.
Our team of skilled technicians can install your equipment in the most demanding of environments. We provide complete project management by our professional and certificated engineer to satisfy your project schedule and needs.
Our technical services teams are well trained and authorized by our suppliers. Our technicians specialize in troubleshooting and repairing the equipment to maintain your system in good performance.
Providing Unique Service that Suits Your Needs.
From the beginning of the design stage, our system designer will listen the requirement from each user to design every detail function to satisfy the user’s needs. We concern the privacy of the client, all the conversation and the client information will keep in a confidential way; we have our strict policy assign to our employee and partner on the privacy information to protect our client.
Our customer service team are well trained on Commitment, Completeness, Consistency and Communication skills, even the system has delivered and under the maintenance service period, we will taking care of every single part of the system and giving the best service to the customer.
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